This video is so you can get a sense of how to use our site! The young man who helped us to build Nakedlist was good enough to provide the video to make it easier for everyone.

We want you to know that you can link to any profiles, sites or fan pages you like in your Nakedlist Profile and that it can also be useful for promoting yourself.

To “BUMP” your ad you simply have to login. Your ad will automatically move to the “Recently Active” section at the top of the page.

If you take some extra time and add some information to the “Meta Description” it will appear in a “preview” when ever you post the link! This can work well for posting your information on platforms like Twitter or IG by embedding a link in a preview to a less censored profile with all your information and ways to contact you.

We are hoping Nakedlist will provide an alternative to high cost ads,  restrictions on what we can post or link to on other sites and the ways we promote ourselves.

We also hope to provide a tool for those who can’t or don’t want to build an entire web site and would rather just work, plain and simple.

If we have missed your town or if you have suggestions or complaints, please let us know. We are learning as we go and will do our best to accommodate!

Thanks for supporting Nakedlist!

The Naked List

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  • I will not post or produce content which violates guidelines (i.e. using images of genitalia, real or simulated sex acts as my profile picture).
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