Annie Temples Business Bible for Erotic Entrepreneurs

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British Columbia
White Rock
Male, Female, Non-Binary, Couples
5' 0" (152 cm)

When I got into this industry, I didn't know how to start working independently and I couldn't work for an agency because of my health and needing a flexible schedule for my children. I looked for a book that would show me how someone else did it, but I couldn't find one. Now, I have created one. This book is truly unique and has the power to empower a lot of people!

Next Tuesday, September 5th, I am releasing this book because I think it can really help people who work in the sex industry, especially if they are just starting out or if they want to switch from agency / parlor work to working independently. I am surprised at what an incredible reaction of support I've gotten from my sex worker community. I can't express how it makes me feel.

Wouldn't it be amazing if my Business Bible for Erotic Entrepreneurs hit the bestsellers list on September 5th, when it is released on Amazon?! I know a secret about getting on the bestseller list. Basically, I need 50-100 people to all buy the business bible on the release day - September 5th.

I think it would mean a lot to the sex worker community if my book made the Amazon bestsellers list too, because it would show that we are a community to be reckoned with; that sex work is a business and not inherently exploitative, as many believe.

I have found freedom, independence, control, and empowerment over my work in this industry - a lot more than I ever found in any other job. Please consider showing your support by purchasing one or more books on September 5th for yourself or to be donated to organizations who help sex workers! XOXO


Free bonuses are available on my website for anyone who purchases the book!


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