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Taboo Chat is an Adult Fantasy Chatline service for hot, sexy men and women from all over North America, USA and Canada. First time callers 18+ call now for your 30 minute FREE trial.  Become a member to chat live.

Call Taboo Chat every day to exchange your wildest sex fantasies.  Your deepest desires that you have been unable to express. Your most seductive erotic stories.

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Engage intimately with hundreds of other like-minded callers.  Do you have secret fetishes of the forbidden kind?

Extreme role-play, BDSM, Dom-Sub fantasies you would like to manifest. Or real life kinky encounters you have experienced and want to share with others?

The Taboo Chat line is the perfect venue to do all these things -and more!  Things like erotic spanking, or being bound up and tied to a bed, acting as either the Submissive or Dominant –these are all common subjects chatted about.

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People from all walks of life find they are in need of an outlet for their deepest desires. Things they want to explore, but may not have a partner who understands what their needs are to achieve fulfillment.  Gaining satisfaction in all areas of life is vital to being a well rounded individual.

Satisfaction that can be easily obtained, in a completely anonymous way!  Callers never see your phone number.  When you’re on the chatline you can use a fake name and make up a whole different persona. In fact, the less personal information you divulge, the better.


24 hours a day 365 days a year!!



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