Tantra Things

Male, Female, Couples
5' 10" (178 cm)

🆃ₐntrₐ 🆃hᵢngs 🍥 *** M/F P·O·R·N CONTENT M·O·D·E·L·S & MOVIE SHOOTING *** T·A·N·T·R·I·C   S·E·X   isn’t only focused on reaching a higher state of mind-body consciousness. It can also be about creating a deeper, more harmonious bond with your partner. *With me, be ready to discover a bunch of  E·R·O·T·I·C   S·E·C·R·E·T·S   for a happiest  S·E·X   L·I·F·E.  * Individuals who learn and practice tantra become more in-tune with their body, what gives it pleasure, and the way it feels pleasure. *Your mixed-race  S·E·X   C·O·A·C·H·E·S,   Everyday T·A·N·T·R·A boost for helping having a better day.* A way of living sex which allows you to pay better attention to your body’s wants and needs and make sure they’re fulfilled. Did you know? The energies you channel during tantric sex flow throughout your body and can intensify your   O·R·G·A·S·M

Please allow 2 weeks preparation. Priority will be given to ethical porn producers
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Please note: we contribute to ethical porn only. Ethical porn (sometimes called feminist porn or fair trade porn) is pornography that is made consensually, treats performers with respect, and pays performers and filmmakers fairly for their work. There is a mutual understanding among everyone on the film set—everyone knows and feels comfortable with what's happening. “Ethical porn validates the needs, boundaries, and curiosities of the performers," sex therapist Kamil Lewis, AMFT, tells mbg. It also often shows more realistic depictions of sex, including people with diverse body types, queer relationships, and real female pleasure. One study found every one in four people who visit porn websites are women. Ethical porn attempts to cater to that, offering scenes that aren't solely centered around the male gaze. "Ethical porn is inclusive, creative, and consensual," Lewis says.

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