Six Sexual Stereotypes About Men

By TNT Annie

Working in the sex industry since 1997 has taught me a lot about men. Particularly, I’ve learned what men are not. Here I present to you … Six Sexual Stereotypes About Men

1. Men with big hands have big dicks

Men with big hands do NOT necessarily have big dicks. This stereotype is false. Some men with big hands have big dicks. But also, some men with small hands have big dicks. And vice versa. Men, you probably already know this and I am preaching to the choir.

2. Men prefer skinny women with BIG BOOBS

While I believe there are definitely some men who prefer large breasts, there are equally men who prefer small breasts. And the majority prefer ALL breasts. In this case, ALL BREASTS MATTER, Gentlemen. The same goes for size. Different men have different size preferences when it comes to their attraction to women. But some men love all women of all sizes.

3. Men don’t care about their partner’s pleasure

Some men will fuck their partners even when they know she’s not into it. In fact, I believe our culture has encouraged us to believe that women don’t enjoy sex and that men are sex crazed. This false belief causes some male partners to believe they are owed sex regardless of their partner’s level of desire at any given moment. It also causes some female partners to believe it is their duty to have sex even when they absolutely don’t feel like it.

Although I agree that men should not have to resign themselves to a life without sexual intimacy; having sex with a woman when she has made it clear she’s not interested works against them. First, she will look even less forward to any future sexual experiences because this one was not enjoyable. And second, she will feel that you do not care about her pleasure.

I believe sincerely that most men DO CARE about giving pleasure to their female partners. The majority of my clients care about whether or not I’m enjoying our time together. They tell me about what they miss doing to their wives, if they are in sexless marriages. The majority tell me they love going down on their lovers. Many are great at giving massage and want to share that with the person they love. They want to know that they are still desirable to their lovers. Does that sound like men don’t care about their partner’s pleasure? Obviously not. I have to say, from my experience, this stereotype is false.

4. Men want to fuck everything that moves

First I have to say … don’t we all??!!!! I mean, if you have a healthy sex drive like I do, then you probably fantasize about making love to lots of different people (like I do). Certainly men with high sex drives may be interested in a variety of partners. But women with high sex drives are the same. And just because we are horny and flirty doesn’t mean we want to fuck everything that moves. In reality, most men (like women) prioritize connection over straight physical attraction. Connection is rarer, but much sweeter. If you disagree with me, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

5. Men don’t like to cuddle after they come

I’m sure there are some men who do not like to cuddle after they come. In fact, there are comedy acts, pop culture news articles, feminist essays, and even historical reviews that claim men are wired to fuck and run. The reason given for this is that as cavemen of the past, by primal instinct to ensure survival of our species, men were compelled to spread their seed. And therefore, men today become uninterested in any kind of emotional or physical afterplay following their happy ending. Their mission is accomplished and it’s time to recuperate before finding another female to inseminate.

I CALL BULLSHIT! The majority of my clients love to cuddle afterwards. Many are even still turned on! I believe that if a man (or woman) wants to leave directly after the sexual experience is over, it is simply because the connection is not there or they are legitimately in a hurry and can’t relax. Men are not, in my opinion, hardwired to fuck and run.

6. Older men don’t need sex anymore

This is not only a stereotype about men but a stereotype about women as well, this idea that as we age, we lose our sexuality. I’m reading a novel right now and a character in the book assumes that another character in his 70’s could not possibly be having sex. What an absurd assumption! My clients in their 70’s would strongly disagree. I do not see a difference in the sex drives of my older clients versus my younger clients. They may be getting older, but they’re still horny! The wonderful thing about sexuality is that you don’t need to have sex to enjoy it. Even if certain parts aren’t working the same as they used to, intimacy and sexual satisfaction can be achieved for anybody. Sensual massage, for instance, is an amazing and intimate way to get those sexual needs met. (Forgive me for my blatant self-promotion.)

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